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Sydney Harbour Kingfish Jan 2019

It was cold and wet today but good to get out with Beard and son in Sydney Harbour. First time I can remember the temperature high and low being 21 C in the middle of summer.


Thought I’d post a photo of what I’m going to take on my upcoming 6 month trip the US for my “every day carry” or EDC.

Hawkesbury 2018

Returned to the Hawkesbury River with Warren and my daughter Nicole. Last time I was there camping with Nicole was in 2009. The fishing was tough and the trip reasonably uneventful. Here are my sna...

Tokyo Institute of Technology Tsubame 3.0 Visit

Hosted by Prof Hiroki Nakahara and Prof Yuko Hara-Azumi, I gave a talk entitled “Large Scale FPGA Implementations of Machine Learning Algorithms” (slides available at /talks) at the Tokyo Institute...

Amateur Radio Shops in Akihabara

Passing through Tokyo this week and took the opportunity to visit a few amateur radio shops in Akihabara. <a href= "/assets/images/2018/12/DSCF5835.jpg" > <img src= "/assets/imag...