Hong Kong and Shanghai Trip 2019


I always look forward to visiting Hong Kong and Shanghai. Here are some photos from the trip.

Following my lecture on a Monday, I took the late night flight to Hong Kong. Arrived at 5am and went straight to CTAccel in Shenzhen, founded by two of my ex-students, Haile Yu and Jackson Yeung. Shenzhen is an amazing city which only started being developed in the 1980s. This is the view from CTAccel.


In the afternoon, Haile, Jackson and myself went to visit Corerain, founded by my collaborators, Prof Wayne Luk of Imperial College, Dr Xinyu Niu and ex-student Dr Kuen Hung Tsoi.

HKU and MoVertical

The next stop was Hong Kong University (HKU) to visit A/Prof Hayden So. He had arranged an excursion with his colleagues to MoVertical (more information is available on their Facebook page), an urban farm based on stackable containers. It is a laboratory environment for testing ideas in scalable, sustainable farming and we were asked for suggestions to improve automation.

I was there to see if we can help monitor fish behaviour using machine learning.

Mr Arthur Lee, Founder, explaining the container system.
One of the fish they farm is Australian Jade Perch.
Models of their containers.
Fish tanks.
There are only 3 pumps in the entire farm and circulation is via gravity.
Some of their crops.
Filtering system.
Mr Yan explaining shellfish farming.
Control room.
Group photo.

Also listened to jazz at Ned Kelly’s Last Stand. I always have an enjoyable time there.

Fudan University, Shanghai

Next stop was Fudan University. Due to the protests in Hong Kong, there was tight security at the airport.

I gave a lecture entitled Multipliers for FPGA Machine Learning Applications at the State Key Laboratory of ASIC and System, hosted by Prof Lingli Wang.

Uncle kindly took us around Shanghai. Here are some street photos.

National Day in Shanghai
Looks like the Bad Turtle got what it deserved.
We are so far behind in Australia, buskers in China now use Alipay.