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A trip to Finland

My trip to Finland coincided with the Midsummer Festival, an event which I was lucky enough to share with my host Tero.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Soldier Set

The Victorinox Soldier is the classic Swiss Army knife (SAK). Each has a date stamp and this set is from 1934, 1965, 1970 and 1997. Also note the evolution of the blade (from clip point to spear po...

Walthamstow Reservoir

From Sydney, going trout fishing requires commitment. It is either an 8 hour drive to the Snowy Mountains or a plane trip to New Zealand. From Hong Kong, it is even more difficult. In London, I fou...

Meon Springs

Fished Meon Springs yesterday. It was my first fishing trip in the UK and my first experience fishing a managed, stocked fishery. Went with Tero Rissa who got the beautiful 6.5 pound hen rainbow tr...


Here are some photos taken from a fishing trip to Weipa in 2004 with Chris See.

London Lakes

Here are some photos from a trip to London Lakes in Tasmania that I made in December 2002.

Fishing Photos

Here are some of my favourite fishing photos from the age before digital cameras.