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Shanghai April 2013

I had an excellent trip to Shanghai last year and wrote about it here. I was fortunate enough to be invited back.

Panorama at Akuna Bay

Went for a drive this morning to Akuna Bay. Fog was coming off the river and this photograph was taken on the road between Akuna Bay and Church Point.

Luderick Sydney Harbour

Went for a fish in Sydney Harbour with my neighbour Michael. Had a great time catching luderick (otherwise known as blackfish).

Lake Eucumbene 2013

Lake Eucumbene is an alpine lake about 500km south west of Sydney. My fishing mate, Beard (nickname which refered to his facial hair - he doesn’t have one anymore but the name stuck), and I made a ...

Hawkesbury River 2012

In what has turned out to become an annual event, went on a 4 day camping trip to the Hawkesbury River with my high-school friend, Warren. We camp on a beach which is only accessible by boat.

Molonglo Radio Observatory

The University of Sydney’s Molonglo Radio Observatory is located about 3-4 hours south of Sydney. It is being used to prototype some of the technologies in the proposed Square Kilometer Array.