Telwater Stacer/Quintex Aerator Fix

This is the first problem I’ve had with my Stacer 429 (very similar to the Quintrex 420SC Renegade) since I purchased it in 2015. The live bait tank pump stopped working. Here are the steps I used to troubleshoot. Hopefully this will help someone else with the same problem.

In my Stacer 429 the middle button controls the bait tank aerator (left) and the bilge pump (right). My label for the NavLight is wrong (pressing the right side turns it on).

The next photo below is a view of the other side of the panel from underneath (because I was lying on my back). The switch operates in such a way that if you push it left (or right), it connects to middle terminal (which is 12V) to the other side.

Checked the switch works, by pulling out the terminal for the aerator. You should be able to verify using a multimeter that pressing the switch makes that terminal 12V.

This is the aerator pump in place. I was very pleased to see that it was one of these cartidges. In theory, all I would need to do is swap the dead one and it simply screws on.

Next the floor needed to come out so I could trace the wiring.

Sloppy work, one of the screw heads snapped when it was being installed. That’s because they drilled right into a weld.

The floor out of the way.

The wires for the aerator and bilge pump run from near the console along the bow side of the battery and pops out here.

At this point, cut the wires to the pump below the connector so you expose the brown and black wires directly connected to the aerator. The reason to do this is that this will also test the connector. Verify that pressing the switch puts 12V on the brown wire. Then verify the pump doesn’t work when you connect directly to 12V - that was the problem in my case. I don’t actually know how it got burnt out, maybe I left it on out of water for too long?

Now the recall the way the pump was installed, was like this.

The handle thing was jammed against the diagonal support so I cut off the handle using side cutters to release (remember that this is a hard job as there isn’t much access, it’s through the battery hatch). With much effort I managed this and could turn the cartridge. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the clearance to get it out.

Anyway, in Sydney you can buy the entire aerator from many places but you can’t easily just buy the cartridge. So off to BCF to buy a new aerator.

With the new aerator in hand, I learnt that the cartridge comes out a long way from the housing.

Then I realised my Sikaflex was a little out of date. So another trip to Bunnings (Brookvale) whose web page said it was in stock (but it wasn’t), then checked Bunnnings (Balgowlah) great it was in stock there (but it wasn’t), finally Whitworths where they had it in stock for twice the price of Bunnings.

Pulled the old aerator out. Removing all of the old sealant with a scaper was impossible, even on the outside where I had good access.

The solution was a wire wheel which did the job very well.

Here is the new aerator in place at an angle. I’m not sure whether placing it off-center is a good idea or not.

Let’s hope the water stays out!

Thanks to Russell who patiently answered all my questions and suggested using Fixtech Fix15 as it’s similar to the Sikaflex 291 that I used but lasts much longer in the tune (and is cheaper).