2015 Evinrude ETEC 50hp Service

Here is how to change the fuel filter and gearcase oil on a 2015 Evinrude 50hp ETEC outboard motor.

Opening Cowling

Opening the cowling is the hardest part. The side in the photo often gets stuck. To get it unlocked you slap the side of the cover just above the mechanism while pulling down on the lever.

Fuel Filter

This also stopped me in my tracks as they are held by Oetiker Clamps. I purchased the Knipex 10 99 I220 (but the 10 98 I220 would have been fine). The difference is that the 99 can be used for frontal and lateral crimping.

What I did was lift up the barb using needle nose pliers and then used the ear clamp pliers to remove.

The put in the new one, ensuring you get the direction right. Tighten the new clamps. Having the correct tool makes this easy.

Gearcase Oil

The location of the top and bottom plugs are shown in the photo below.

First put something underneath to catch the oil. Remove the top level plug (it is a 4mm hex) and check the level was near the top using something like a clean cable tie. Then remove the bottom drain plug and drain.

While draining, inspect the plugs. They are magnetised so any fuzz is bad. Also check for water contamination. After everything has drained, remove the seals from the plug areas.

The oil should be Evinrude HPF XR gearcase lubricant. I pump a little new oil in and let it run out to remove the last of the old oil. Then fill until it comes out the top. When it does, screw in the top plug (with new seal) and then the bottom.

Tighten with a torque wrench set to 7-9.5~Nm.