Install Vitis/Vivado

Instructions on how to install Vivado 2020.1 under Ubuntu Linux 20.04.

  1. Install dependencies (because
    sudo apt-get install libtinfo5
  2. Install software (in batch mode because of
    Download Xilinx Unified Installer 2021.1: Linux Self Extracting Web Installer from Then
    ./Xilinx_Unified_2020.1_0602_1208_Lin64.bin --noexec --target .
    ./xsetup -b AuthTokenGen
    ./xsetup -b ConfigGen
    # edit ~/.Xilinx.install_config.txt changing unwanted options to :0
    ./xsetup --batch Install --agree XilinxEULA,3rdPartyEULA,WebTalkTerms --location /opt/Xilinx --config ~/.Xilinx/install_config.txt
  3. Install licence server
    From download Floating Server Tools Linux (Flex v11.17.2.0) and unzip into /opt/Xilinx/license. Generate and put Xilinx.lic in same directory. Then
    sudo apt-get install lsb
    sudo adduser xilinx	# create xilinx user
    chmod -R xilinx.xilinx /opt/Xilinx
    mkdir -p /usr/tmp/.flexlm	# needed for license server
    chmod -R xilinx.xilinx /usr/tmp/.flexlm
    sudo su - xilinx
    /opt/Xilinx/license/lin_flexlm_v11.17.2.0/lnx64.o/lmgrd -c /opt/Xilinx/license/Xilinx.lic -l /opt/Xilinx/license/Xilinx.log
    tail Xilinx.log

    You should get:

    15:01:59 (xilinxd) Starting diagnostics port listener thread (DPLT)
    15:01:59 (xilinxd) Starting diagnostics output thread (DRQT)
    15:01:59 (xilinxd) DPLT: running
    15:01:59 (xilinxd) DRQT: running
    15:01:59 (xilinxd) DPLT: waiting for logger to connect
  4. Crontab
    sudo su - xilinx	# if not already xilinx
    crontab -e  

    add @reboot /opt/Xilinx/license/lin_flexlm_v11.17.2.0/lnx64.o/lmgrd -c /opt/Xilinx/license/Xilinx.lic -l /opt/Xilinx/license/Xilinx.log

  5. On Linux machines using the floating license server:

    Under Windows you can use the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) to set the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE variable.