John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2020

The Manly Warringah Radio Society activated Barrington Tops in the John Moyle Memorial Field Day this year.

A 40m dipole and an 80m off center fed dipole was used this year. This is the 40m one.

I operated for a while with Ross logging.

From left to right, Andrew (VK2EAH),`Tim (VK2BT), Greg (VK2XE), President Rod (VK2ZZM), Yves (VK2AUJ in the back) and Ross (VK2FRET).

Andrew (VK2EAH) giving a briefing on the nearby attractions.

In the back we have Tim (VK2BT), Andrew (VK2EAH) and Connie (VK2CON). In the foreground, Greg (VK2XE), Rod (VK2ZZM), Yves (VK2AUJ) and Ross (VK2FRET).

This is Kara.

Kara demonstrating a high-five with Greg (VK2XE), Nick (VK2FS) on the left and Declan on the right.

Greg flying his drone.

Zara (VK2FZYP) was the star, making her first QSO in the evening and then going on to make most of the club’s 229 contacts.

As the light got low, we started preparing dinner. Heating up the biji-barbi.

The next morning.

An amazing amount of junk in President Rod’s ute.

Beautiful scenery on the return drive.

Here is a panorama (click here for a full sized version),

which was taken at the location below.

The location itself was excellent. Being at 1500m in elevation and away from all interference (including mobile coverage), we had an extremely low noise floor. We were clearly heard all the way around Australia and New Zealand. Operating from about 2-11pm with an Icom IC7300 transceiver, we used 40 Ah of an 80 Ah LiFePO4 battery.

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