How to apply to the Computer Engineering Lab at the University of Sydney

Please note that I receive a large number of emails from students wishing to join the Computer Engineering Lab (CEL), School of Electrical and Information Engineering, The University of Sydney. The offical University of Sydney information is available at and this contains a thorough description of the applications process, including requirements regarding scholarships, english profiency and documentation. Please read this carefully before contacting me.

In particular note the Research Proposal Guidelines. A good research proposal would demonstrate that you are familiar with what has been done in the area and have some ideas about research directions for your degree. This, of course, will be refined over the course of your studies but is a major part of your application, and will be used to judge your aptitude for research. Here is a guide to how to write a proposal:

CEL normally only accepts students with a scholarship. From time-to-time experienced engineers are hired to participate in funded research projects. If such projects are available, a link will be placed below.

Positions Vacant: (none)