Postcard from Shanghai 2017

Travelled to Shanghai to visit my collaborators at Fudan University over Easter 2017.

Left Sydney on Good Friday.

As usual, we stayed at Fudan University, Zhangjiang Campus.

Expert building.

On the first day we went to the Qibao Ancient Town from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126) and situated on the Puhui River.

Hip lady.

In the evening we visited the famous Peace Hotel, used by the Gang of Four during the Cultural Revolution and the location for a number of movies.

We tried unsuccessfully to enter the renowned Jazz Bar.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the Huxinting Teahouse in Yuyuen Garden. This was the first teahouse in China and has been there since 1955. Previous visitors include the Queen. Entry is via a zig-zag bridge which is supposed to protect it from evil spirits. The crowd was almost enough to keep me out, but once inside it was very pleasant.

Inside the tea house.

Old lady and grand daughter.

West lake longjing tea.

View from the window.

Outside there were people making jewellery.

Lady in traditional dress.

Bored people on the subway.

Dinner with students from Fudan.

A prototype of the new Apple bike.

On the last evening, we tried unsuccessfully to enter the renowned Cotton Club jazz bar. Unfortunately, the place went out of business.

Of course there was plenty to eat in Shanghai.

On the first evening we had a wonderful dinner on the top floor of the Henderson Metropolitan.

Longjing and chrysanthemum tea.


BBQ spare ribs.

Braised eel.

Vegetables with crab roe.


Spicy beef noodles.


Soup dumplings.

Handmade noodles from Fudan’s canteen.

Red bean pancake.

I will end with a travel tip. This was the first time I travelled with my own beans, grinder and coffee maker to avoid having to scour the city for a decent coffee shop. I think I’ll continue to do this in the future (unless going to Italy).