Camp Kitchen (chuck box)

Wanted to make a camp kitchen for a while to use on the boat.

This is a more utilitarian version of, and less elaborate than I started with a piece of plywood that had been lying in the garage for so long it had a suntan. I first cut the box sides.

Then a rough size check.

Using a router, I made dados (grooves) to get a better gluing surface and to align the box.

Glued up the 4 sides.

Then clamped.

Cut pieces for the top and bottom.

Glued and nailed together. A bit ugly but it will do.

Made the handles.

Some light sanding to clean up the plywood.

A few coats of marine varnish to protect.

Here we have: 2 plates, cup and pot (there is a small gas stove in the pot on the left), knife, 2 cutlery sets, another pot, 2 cups, fuel and main stove.

That’s more than I would usually take and it all fit easily in the box.

I’m looking forward to using it outdoors.