Academic Genealogy

I visited my PhD supervisor, Dr Marwan Anwar Jabri last week in San Francisco. He left academia to found Dilithium Networks which was then acquired by OnMobile Global Ltd. He is now Founder at Neuromorphic Systems LLC.

Myself and Dr Marwan Jabri

Marwan’s supervisor was Prof David James Skellern, who developed the first chip-set implementation of the IEEE 802.11a wireless networking standard. David taught the digital systems course at Sydney University when I was an undergraduate. He later became the first CEO and then Chairman of the National Information and Communications Technology Australia Ltd (NICTA).

David’s supervisor was Dr Robert Henry Frater, former CSIRO Deputy Chief Executive.

Bob Frater is second from the front on the left hand side of this photo.

Bob’s supervisor was Prof Wilbur Norman “Chris” Christiansen. Chris was a radio astronomer and former Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Sydney.