How to program Australian Repeaters into an Icom IC-2730A using Chirp

I was not able to find much information on how to program Australian repeaters into my Icom IC-2730A. I did this under a Windows 7 VirtualBox virtual machine since I thought all I needed was the Icom cloning software which is only available under Windows. Here is a list of steps:

  1. Purchase (or make) an Icom OPC-478UC programming cable. These are about US$60 but I purchased a clone from ebay ( for $5 Australian.

  2. The cable needs to be plugged into the right hand female port of the radio (looking from the back). It showed up as a Prolific Technology USB Serial Controller [0300] under VirtualBox so I installed the Windows 7 driver here  after which Windows created a com port (com3).

  3. Install the Icom cloning software I thought I would be able to cut and paste the repeater list into this application but I couldn’t figure out how to do that …

  4. Install the Chirp software from

  5. Obtain the WIA Australian repeater directory from (the “Example VBScript, Sorted Directory csv and CHIRP csv files and other csv formats” file) and unzip.

  6. In Chirp, (a) download the radio data using the Radio -> Download from radio menu (b) File -> Import the appropriate csv file from the chirp directory from (4). I used NSW\chirp_Sydney.csv (c) It then gives you the option to select the repeaters you wish to import, I just clicked OK. (d) Radio -> Upload (e) Switch radio off and on again

  7. I then cloned the radio using the Icom cloning software from (2) so I have an Icom icf file of my configuration.