New Zealand Fly-Fishing 2015

After attending the International Conference on Field Programmable Technology, Brent, Ken and myself took a 5-day fly-fishing trip around the Omarama region of the South Island in New Zealand. We called this the 1st FPGA Fly-Fishing Symposium (FFF’15). Last time I was there was Nov 1996, before web browers and digital cameras! I had previously fished with Brent in Utah.


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Tasmanian Holiday 2015


Waited for ages for my beloved wife’s bag then got that sinking feeling when the carousel stops turning. Everyone had gone and only a small purple bag with a pink ribbon remained. Went to the service counter and filled in all the forms for missing luggage. We flew the budget airline Jetstar, if the bag was not found within 24 hours, we’d get a total of $40 to cover expenses – wow. About to take off in the rental car when they called me and said they found the bag. Someone (presumably the owner of the purple bag), had mistakenly taken our black bag which was a totally different size and make. Anyway, things were looking better.

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