Luderick Fishing Sydney Harbour

Luderick (otherwise known as blackfish) are among my favourite targets as they are quite plentiful in Sydney Harbour and the fishing is very visual. The rig involves a green weed or sea lettuce on a size 8 hook below a quill float which is carefully balanced with a few split shot. A 10 ft whippy rod and sidecast reel makes up the tackle needed for this type of fishing. Beard called me up the day before to see if I wanted to go fishing, so we made a plan to meet the next day.


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Hawkesbury River 2015

A camping trip with Warren to the Hawkesbury has become an annual event (e.g. in 2014). Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it this year but went for a day trip, which was also our first fishing trip there in the new boat. A 6:30am start and not a touch until about noon. Then we caught a couple of flathead and a bream in about 30 min, narrowly avoiding a doughnut.



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New Zealand Fly-Fishing 2015

After attending the International Conference on Field Programmable Technology, Brent, Ken and myself took a 5-day fly-fishing trip around the Omarama region of the South Island in New Zealand. We called this the 1st FPGA Fly-Fishing Symposium (FFF’15). Last time I was there was Nov 1996, before web browers and digital cameras! I had previously fished with Brent in Utah.


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Fishhook removal

In all my years of fishing, we were fortunate not to have had a bad injury. There was the time Beard, Warren and myself tried to run a rapid on the Katherine River in the Northern Territories in a triple kayak, went upside down and Warren had a treble embedded in his foot, but fortunately it had been debarbed. There was also the time I was fishing by myself and had a hook embedded down to the barb in my tongue (long story), but I managed to get it out without much damage.

Anyway, here is a good article from the American Family Physician on hook removal (link, local).