Ettus USRP x310 installation on Ubuntu

Host computer requirements for installing the Ettus USRP x310 along with keras are:

  • The host machine must be 64-bit compatible (you can check under linux by typing grep /proc/cpuinfo which should have the “lm” flag present).
  • You also need about 50GB of free disk space for the Xilinx tools.

The steps are:
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How to make a Ubuntu boot usb in OSX (don’t use the UNetbootin USB installer)

I had a lot of trouble making an Ubuntu boot USB drive from OSX. The instructions on don’t work in general. I think there are two reasons:

  • The program doesn’t reformat the USB drive
  • If there are existing files on the USB from say a 32-bit Ubuntu and you create a 64-bit usb, UNetbootin doesn’t overwrite all the necessary files. In this case the installation goes smoothly but when you reboot the installed system, you get a “No working init” error.

The best way to do it is:
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South West Rocks (Michael Zhu)

An awesome fishing report that Michael Zhu sent to me via Facebook Messenger.

Dear Phil, our group of four people boarded Brain’s chart boat (big boat licensed for 15- standard package of 8 person) at Jerseyville, South West Rocks. We had one Aussie, two Swedish men and me. Here is a photo of us at 6am this morning.

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